When To Replace Tyres

One sign that your tyres need changing is deterioration in performance such as a reduction in grip in poor weather conditions or an increase in stopping time.  Tyres wear gradually which can make it difficult to identify the change, so it’s best to have them checked regularly.  By law, the driver must ensure that the tread on the tyres is not worn beyond the legal minimum limit of 1.6 millimetres.

Tyre manufacturers build tread wear indicators (T.W.I) into the design of the tyres usually at the 1.6mm level. As soon as the tread wear indicator is visible, the tyre has reached the legal minimum tread depth and you should replace it as soon as possible.

There are many different reasons for tyre wear. Tyres don’t just get worn through age and use, but through emergency braking, under-inflation or over-inflation. And if your wheels are misaligned, one edge of the tyre can wear more rapidly than the other edge.

We recommend:-

  • A weekly walk around the car to check the tread:-
    • for bulges
    • for wear and tear
    • for visible signs of damage
  • Every Time you fill up with fuel, check the tyre pressures.